Nude Beach—Hot Expectations. ReProgram Study Abroad

Exhibition Design

The installation was part of a student-led exhibition, which was the conclusion to an international Summer design program in The Hague, NL. The month-long program aimed to broaden our sense of the potential of design, learning new ways of thinking from Dutch tutors, Bob van Dijk and Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen. Given a list of places around the city, we were to choose a location to collect images, sounds, qualitative and quantitative notes and experiences.

The Nude Beach installation is concerned with expectation versus reality. "Naked hotties," "XXX" and clothes hangers are part of a satirical representation on what us Americans expected of the nude beach. Like what we discovered in our research—nothing 'sexy' or x-rated like the word '"nude" may imply to some—the opposite side of the installation reveals a unexpectedly serene moment. I paid close attention to the sounds—waves, wind, blowing masts of docked sailboats—and brought those back to give context and color to the experience. 

The piece was part of a larger exhibition with all twelve students' installations. I was on the curation team and helped with the pacing of the exhibition. Oh yes, and we did it all in a few days.


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